With my dance and performance company Wonder & me I am working together with my sister the choreographer and dancer Katharina Wunderlich on our new performance “BRUDERZUCKER” that comes from a german wordplay with the words brother and sugar in powder. I am so happy to be performing with my Loopstation, singing, dancing and writing the music for the piece. The performance is connecting the story of our childhood with the strange times we live in now, where being close, hugging and touching each other became something rare. My sister and me grew up with our older brother Mischa, who was diagnosed with early childhood autism. Though he is living in his own world, barely speaks, though we do not know what or if he understands us, we kept looking for him, kept listening and seeing, although noone was speaking or looking back. We always felt that connection and kept wanting to know his world. We felt that communicating against all odds, trying to connect though you cannot be close, resonates with these times when the world is upside down. So we started to tell our story. We filmed the performance in the wonderful theatre “Theater im Delphi” in Berlin and will be streaming the whole piece in june this year!