BRUDERZUCKER – hidden communications Premiere 16.6.21 8:30 PM

Listen even when nobody speaks. Looking, even if nobody is looking back. Closeness in little doses – precision work on fingertips.

The contemporary dance performance „Bruderzucker“ by the company wonder & me tells of the search for the other person, for a closeness that wants to be felt despite the distance. The performance evolves from our biographical story, our childhood with our brother  Mischa, who was diagnosed with early childhood autism and who circles in his own world, between small and large compulsions and beauty, to which we cannot follow, a world without words and so often out of reach. A sibling relationship, that taught us early on that an entire universe can be hidden in the smallest of gestures. In unexpected ways, there is now an overlap with our current world, which keeps the distance. Especially now we want to explore through our bodies, voices and sounds the closeness in the gaps and search for the way to each other in detours.

PREMIERE ONLINE (with a live talk with the artists afterwards): 16.6.2021; 08:30 PM




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