Since I was a little child, I am singing, humming melodies, finding words for them, hearing them inside me wherever I go. Music was in my life since I can think. I remember, singing for myself before naptime and my teacher asking me to sing the song again for everybody, I just did not know how – as I sang the song and could not repeat it. And when I came home from my first year in school, I was always hopping down the road to my parents house, creating songs in my head and singing them. Not just one time people looked at me strangely when I passed them by singing strangely worded songs. When I began to play the violin with 6, my mum played me β€žEine kleine Nachtmusik” from Mozart. As I stood there with my small violin out of which I could barely get a piep, my mother explained to me, how music is about feeling, about all the emotions inside of me. Getting more and more passionate she asked me: β€ž Can you feel, can you feel it, can you? Then play, Caroline, play along!β€œ …Ok, I could not play along Mozart at all, but I got what she meant πŸ˜‰ When I was 13 years old, my dad, my sweet, oh so soft, dad, who always let me do exactly what I wanted, forced me to go to a music oriented highschool and he was so right to do so. I entered a choir, got singing lessons, I founded my first acappella Quartet, had my first jazzband and got teached so much about music. It became more and more clear, what I was meant to do. Since then I write and perform my own songs, I compose for my own projects, like my dance company, but also for others who seem to trust me and believe that I will find the right tone or tune for their audio-, video- or dance projects. I am so grateful that I am able to live my dream and spent most of my time doing exactly what I love and feel that I am good at! And that this is how I can be me.