camera: Frederik Hochmuth Editing: Caro Wunderlich Music: Caro Wunderlich & Frederik Hochmuth

I love the pictures we captured and it transports me right back to this moment and this feeling. Being one with all the elements. This is what I felt every morning climbing up that hill in Ireland, where I was herding sheep so many years ago. I watched the day rise above the ocean. Nobody knew where I was and this kind of solitude made me whole. That is where my song “Horizon” was born.

“Expressions in abundance and yet simple are the dance like forms of nature..”- S. Rumi Saifullah

cut: Caro Wunderlich // contributors: Katharina Wunderlich, Robert Granzow, Frederik, Elwam, Stellys, Marion, Liz, Martin, Alba, Ella, Sabine, Cai, Ka , Paula, Ronja, Yvonne de Andres, Philippe, Ole, Moritz, Sinja, Marcel, Rachel, Maja und Leana Bodrecht, Susann Kampf, Wilma, William, Katja Wolter, Petra, Klaus, Heinz, Ursula, Mo, Heidi Parr, Adina Rentzsch, Keanu Rentzsch, Maris, Larion, Noelani, Dana, Stefan, Daya, Xaquim, Jan Wieja, Carsten Dulnig

For the musicvideo to my new single “Do you remember hugging?” so many of you sent me there video snippets of hugging someone, nature and all pictured inspired by the song. I created out of this wonderful footage a musicvideo that really hugging you and I am so grateful to you all for supporting me with it!

performance: Liz Riesel-Weicht, Caro Wundelrich // cut: Caro Wunderlich

An explosion of love and colors – like fireworks a celebration of connection, free, close and unconditional. This is what I wanted my new musicvideo for the second single of my EP “Soaked princess” to be. “Calling out” was shot in my home with the creative and talented Liz Riesel – Weicht.

camera: Uwe Schwarze // cut: Caro Wunderlich

This song is called “Fische” – my friend and love Frederik did me the honour and walked across Berlin city in his fantastic diving suit to find me at the end and finally get into water. Thanks to Uwe Schwarze and Basiliscus Film for this amazing videoshoot!

camera: Daniel Goede // cut: Aidan Jara // dance: Katharina Wunderlich

This song has so much power for me – we are not machines, we are human and we can be bright and strong and headless and living our lives the way we want to. My sister is dancing so beautifully throughout this video and me, I was 8 month pregnant at the time and could almost not move at all – so you see only my head, while I am lying with my enormous belly under the camera and a thousands of lamps 🙂

camera: Frederik Wunderlich // cut: Caro Wunderlich

A very quiet song coming right out of the middle of my heart – almost a love song, but just almost. We shot the video spontaneously at the dutch sea full of foam and sand and waves. Exactly right for this song that I actually wrote thinking about my staying in Irland herding a bunch of sheep.

Looping with four hands! Amazing! Thanks to the wonderful Frederik for lending me more than 1 hand!

I actually really have a chandelier I could swing from!

It was purple raining when I looped Prince!

Where do Beyonce and Alicia Keys meet? In my old oopstation 🙂

I wanted to cover dancing queen in a completely new way – and when we did my hand started to dance or probably it was the conductor of our very very small orchestra?

When spring came, I just had to make a Loop version of “Here comes the sun”. And it came and was shining right in my face!

Dancing with somebody that is all I wanted to do during the first lockdown in Berlin in 2020. So I sang it and it felt completely different than ever before!

With Björk in the wind – Joga

Singing Adele and Bob Dylan at the same time on this old bridge – Make you feel my love