Scoring movies, audiobooks & videos

In my own studio I can spend hours composing music for movies, videos and audiobooks and I don’t see the time passing. I always try to create a whole world out of sounds, music and voice. For me each project is worth having it’s very own score. Finally I just published some of the music I have written in last years.


A Day at the sea – listen to the oceanlike music I composed together with Frederik Hochmuth for argon balance:

One of the CDs I composed for innerwise that I like the most. First one I ever did on my own and I am really proud of what came out of it. Listen to it:

I love working with and for children. This audiobook is so sweet and full of fantastic ideas, animals and landscapes. I had the honour to compose music for it with Frederik Hochmuth. Listen to it:

If you want to do something really good for your body, meditate to the intuitive fascia release. I am so happy to have worked with Tanja Voß and to have the opportunity to create this mediation music for her and the porject. Listen to Meditatio Mobile:

Here are some snippets of the music I composed during the last years. I feel so blessed to have the chance to compose for projects that are all made with so much love and dedication and grateful to be able to always express freely in music where my intuition leads me.

Snippet of LoveLife – a score for a video
Snippet of Element 10 – a score for the Audio Production 13 Elements
Snippet of The Now – a videoscore for innerwise
Snippet of Element 5 – a score for the Audio CD 13 Elements
Snippet of Glück°grad – score for contemporary dance procution